Assignment #4-HDR exposure image

This assignment (and the following one) returns us to pure, creative photography using High Dynamic Range techniques.

This assignment, due Tuesday, October 27, will be to photograph and print a visually exciting high dynamic range photograph (the subject matter is up to you).

If you prefer to work in RAW format, you may do so for this and the following assignment.

Your submission will be an 8×10 — 8½ x 11 inch full bleed print mounted on 11 x14 board. You will also submit (in a folder) your HDR file and the component images (either JPG or RAW). Title the folder (last name)-HDR.

Assignment #5 (photomerge) will have similar requirements, so acquire sufficient supplies now.

A tripod or suitable camera support is usually required when making HDR and photomerge images. If you do not have a tripod, we have a few that can be loaned out. Please make advance arrangements with Sean if you need to borrow equipment.

Read pages 174-175 and 297-298 in the book for more information.

The following links also have useful information:

Digital SLR Basics

HDR Photoshop tutorial

HDR Imaging in CS4

High Dynamic Range Photography

85 Examples of HDR Photography

Modern HDR Photography

The Ultimate Guide to HDR

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